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Water pans for sustainable farming progress report

COSDEP received funding from impact direct to implement a project in Kiambu County Githunguri Subcounty in Kagaa village starting from January 2023.  We developed a work plan and the implementation of the project started off in February 2023. As we had indicated in the proposal; Water pans are a water conservation technique that aims to maximize the available water through water harvesting. It harvests runoff water and direct it to the water pans, hence preventing soil erosion and keeping the water where it falls. It will ensure that there is a constant supply of water for farming through the water pans which are are cost effective, low in maintenance and easy to operate.

The project is working with 25 farmers from Kagaa amani farmers groups based in Githunguri. the group members have shown resilience and remain committed to farming despite the prevailing dry season.  The project kicked off on 14th February 2023 where the group was theoretically trained by our extension officers on different water harvesting techniques and management. The second training was held on 23rd February 2023 which was more practical and a technical expert was engaged to help them install.  

With the first funds installment sent, we have been able to purchase three dam liners, pay the technical expert and also facilitate the two trainings conducted.  Currently two dam liners are already installed and the third one is in progress.  One unit of the water pan measurements is 8m length and 4m width and going down 2 m deep and has the capacity to hold 50,000 cm3 which will sustain production of food crops on a 1/4 acres of a farm for a period not less than 6 months.

With the next funds installment, we will do a video showing the whole process of the dam liner installation.

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