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Virtual tour to Meru (Kenya)

Meet the boys who build their own dormitory!

As we cannot travel these days, we’ll go online. Take a visit to Meru, Kenya. Once arrived, Evans Mwangi, Kelly Njenga, and Emmanuel will show us around. These are the boys who will be living in the dormitory that is now being constructed. And until school starts again, they are part of the building team as well. You’re also invited to ask questions that you have to learn more about the project.

What:                      Virtual tour to Kenya

When:                    Sat 9 Jan 1pm (NL) or 3pm (EAT), appr. 45 minutes

Where:                  Please, register and we’ll send you the Zoom-link

Language             English

Costs:                     Everyone is welcome!

After the visit you may decide to do a donation to the project – it’s up to you how big or small the donation is. Donations can be done through:

Donations will be used to finalise the building that has started two years ago.

More about International Peace Initiative’s (IPI) project

The building of the dormitory will help to improve the 40 lives of the boys aged 5 to 18 years. The boys who will be housed in the dormitory will enjoy the living space, helping them to sleep better, study better with less noise and disturbance. An extra space they deserve to enjoy while playing and helping other boys to get on with their day-to-day activities so they can thrive.

More information on International Peace Initiatives (IPI) and the project you can support:

iMPACT direct

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