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Virtual tour to Kenya – Meet the people from Affecto

Those who still want to travel these days of COVID should do that online. For example, at Friday 18 December. That day iMPACT direct will take you to Kiambu in Kenya. With the convenience from your home and in around 45 minutes you will meet two students, one at home and one at school. They will tell their story and you are invited to listen, learn and ask questions.

The virtual tour is organised by iMPACT direct in the Netherlands and Affecto Foundation in Kenya. Their mission is to connect donors and frontline African NGOs to maximise their impact. In our virtual tour the local experts will invite you to come and see Africa from their eyes. You’re going to meet a student and a parent at home and a student and a teacher at school, talking about the impact going back to school had for them. 

What:                      Virtual tour to Kenya

When:                   Fri 18 Dec 11am (NL) or 1pm (EAT); Appr. 45 minutes

Where:                  Online – please register and you will get the link

Language             English

Costs:                     Everyone is welcome!

After the visit you may decide to do a donation to the project – it’s up to you how big or small the donation is.

Affecto Foundation is fighting poverty through education by providing school fees, mentoring and a lot more. Almost all of their projects are financed by Kenyan donors. As a partner to iMPACT direct, we enable donors from outside Kenya to also directly support African NGOs. Affecto has supported 86 gifted students from rural areas across the country to be able to go back to school in the past three years. 

More information on Affecto and the project you can support.

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