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Update: Youth Employment Centre

Pinasol in collaboration with iMPACT direct and Wilde Ganzen set to establish a skills training centre in Sekyere East District, Juaben Municipal Assembly. This will be a centre of excellence aimed at first training 130 youth and an additional 500 youths in a long term after completion. Besides, it is a hub where the unemployed youth acquire employable skills or become self-employed. Overall, the training centre serves the entire community

The entire building is 70% complete with block and civil work ongoing. Below is the progress of activities;

  • Block work is 90%
  • Roofing- to be done.
  • Steel work-100% complete
  • Lighting installation- to be done
  • Labour- partly subsidized by artisans who benefited from Pinasol informal sector project.

Throughout the implementation, the project budget has been affected by inflation due to recent increase in the cost of goods and services in Ghana. The estimated budget is not able to complete the project by the project timeline.

Way Forward
To source additional funding to complete the roofing and fixing of fixtures, we evaluated the progress of work on the building and established the cost for the incomplete come out with outstanding
work to be done. The marketing team was tasked to organize local fundraising to raise €6.007 and in kind support from companies and hardware sellers to facilitate the project completion.

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