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Update: Women Sunflower Business

With donations of €7,364 from AFAS Foundation, 25 young single women have been selected to participate. In the project, they gain psychosocial support, financial literacy, entrepreneurship skills and initiation of sunflower business in order to transform their lives.

So far, TAI held an introduction meeting with the district leadership and the 25 participants. They were all informed about the project and the expected outcomes. The 25 attended 2 psychosocial support sessions. This will help boost their self-esteem and guide them on positive parenting for their babies. Consequently, they change their negative mindset and utilize the sunflower business project to improve their lives. TAI has also organized the participants to attend financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills training once per week. These trainings are ongoing in two different locations in Buchambi and Mwigumbi because the participants come from 3 different villages.

TAI has also engaged the parents of the participants to support their daughters with a parcel of land and inputs for the sunflower farming. 22 parents have successfully made this provision while 3 extremely poor cases have been supported by the village chairperson with a piece of land.

Notably the number reduced from 30 to 25 due to relocation of 5 members and TAI is still working to fill the gap. Ultimately, the project helps the participants break out of social exclusion and end the cycle of poverty for their children, by setting-up a sunflower business and a saving group.

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