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Update: Value Addition to Root and Tuber Crops

The project officially kicked off in mid-April 2024. We are working with 53 farmers from Gitwe and Philadelphia organic farmer’s groups. Initially, the target was 40 farmers but 13 more farmers were contracted to do propagation so as to increase the production quantities. 

 Below are the activities that have been undertaken since the project started;

  1. Sensitization forums and theory training sessions
  2. Propagation training and practicals
  3. Equipment and seeds purchase and distribution 
  4. Hosted Wilde Ganzen, one of the project supporters besides iMPACT direct and Haella Foundation.

1. Sensitization forums and theory training sessions
In May 2024, the two groups were brought together at Gitwe farmers group demo site for sensitization and introduction to the project.  This was aimed at setting the pace for the implementation.

2. Propagation training and practicals
This comprised of theoretical and practical training on the setting of the propagation nursery for the root and tuber crops at the nursery site.

3. Purchase and distribution of equipment and seeds
Equipment acquisition has been a great hinderance to the success of value addition at the community level. The acquired equipment will be useful for the successful implementation of the project. The groups participated in practical trials to ensure the equipment were in good working condition .These equipment include; 

  1. Solar drier
  2. Spice Grinder
  3. Deep frier charcoal jiko
  4. Electric display warmer
  5. Briquette making machine
  6. Stainless sink double
  7. Chevda making machine
  8. Chips cutter
  9. Basin 
  10. Milling machine

4. Hosting Wilde Ganzen 
On 31st May 2024 Wilde ganzen together with iMPACT direct visited Gitwe farmers group. There was great interaction and the groups got the opportunity to display their work and also express their future expectations of the project.

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