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Update StartUps for Child Brides

So far, 13 girls and young women (6 in Bafut & 7 in Mendankwe communities respectively) have all been supported to start a vocational training and develop a business.  There were some exceptional peculiar cases of up to 30 years. The SRMSs has also enabled us to assist older women in these groups.

Education & Income

Sustain Cameroon strongly believes that education alone is not sufficient to bring sustainable change for these girls and young women. They also need access to income sources, because it is the absence of a sustainable livelihood opportunities – and the bid to survive – that puts them at very vulnerable positions and keeps them at the mercy of their exploiters and abusers.

That is why we offer school enrolment or an 8-months vocational training in tailoring, hairdressing or farming. After completing the training young women can start a business, with coaching and become member of a saving group, to sustain their businesses long-term. In this way they will have the resources and tools that will enable them to thrive.

In total the project supports 35 girls and young women. 10 more women joined the programme following crises and war between the regular army and the non-state armed groups (NSAGs) in the project area. This has resulted to a high number of internally displaced persons with so many girls facing sexual exploitation and limited access to empowerment opportunities.


An additional savings and revolving microloan scheme was started. Thus, instead of the two budgeted, three have been realized. These groups will assist to generate funds when there is no funding for the activities and thus we are enforcing and giving this a priority in each project community.

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