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Update: She farms story.

“Back in the days we used to cultivate a small piece of land because watering was hard but now watering is simplified, we can now afford the basic needs of our families like school needs for our children, because we can cultivate different vegetables and fruits anytime, sell them to get money. We are happy and grateful the support from TAI.” Sophia Shitobelo, project participant.

Sophia Shitobelo is one among the 120 women who are forming Walima Mchicha group at Nhelegani village of Kizumbi ward in Shinyanga region in Northern Tanzania. Through the support from Impact direct TAI drilled a 70 meters borehole and increased water supply up to 10000 liters per day.

Sophia and her fellows used to fetch water from the shallow wells that hardly could give them approximately 500 liters for watering their garden and in dry seasons water would be little or dry up. Again they had to fetch water with buckets and walk while carrying buckets for a distance then water their gardens something which was tiring for them. The situation limited them into farming a small piece of land hence they got small amount of vegetables to sell and sustain their needs. And they usually most of them used to cultivate amaranths only because its takes short time to mature unlike other types of vegetables.

After drilling a 70 meters deep borehole that has increased water supply to women gardeners up to 10000 liters per day and connect it with a water pump, they have increased their productivity since they cultivate a bigger piece of land and they cultivate different vegetables and fruit, like cabbage, chinese, eggplants and even water melons.

TAI through iMPACT direct has impacted the lives of 120 with the drilled borehole and water pump. Increase of water supply, increase of productivity, simplification of watering and increase on their income.

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