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Update | Pig Rearing Project

Hi everyone. A quick update on OLCAP’s pig rearing project. We spent January 2022 doing the following:

  • Training the farmers on the best practices in pig rearing.
  • Providing technical support in building pig houses.
  • Supplying farmers with ready-made houses with piglets and supplementary feeds.

Find some pictures and videos.

Training day

Financed by individual donors, stichting Overal and matchfunding from SAS-P foundation.

The pig rearing project started in early January. We did a one day training seminar for farmers on pig rearing, then showed farmers how to build the pig houses with the material available to them. As soon as the farmers finish building the pig houses, we buy the piglets and feeds for them. So far, 10 women have finished preparing pig houses and they have already received two piglets each and supplementary feeds. We did the vaccination for the piglets last week. 

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