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Update Pig Rearing Project

Pig Farmers Reaping the Fruits of Their Hard Work

OLCAP partnered with iMPACT direct to support 20 marginalized women in Western Kenya to engage in pig farming. Donations provided the farmers with two piglets each, feeds, and drugs.

The women started reaping the fruits of their labour after the pigs began reproducing. Project participants are selling some piglets and using the income earned to buy enough nutritious food, repair leaking roofs, pay for medical care, and reinvest in assets like chickens and goats to secure their livelihoods further.

Irine is one of the pig farming project beneficiaries. She took over the care of the two pigs after her mother-in-law, Truphena, passed away unexpectedly.

The sow recently gave birth to 11 piglets. Irine sold one piglet and used the income to purchase three chickens she plans to rear for egg production and additional income. She also plans to sell more piglets to buy nutritious food for her family.

Irine is happy that she can now meet her basic needs through this project with less difficulty. She also plans to sell the boar and use the income to invest in a cow to give her milk.

All this wouldn’t have happened without your great support! Thank you.

iMPACT direct

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