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Update Innovative Women Farmers

To date, 72 women have learnt about and practice organic farming and business skills through training-on-the-job, equipment and mentoring. To achieve implementable solutions, trainees are organised in existing and new farmer groups. The project will help them become more effective and sustainable by increasing their production and income, ensuring food security.

Some of the recipients tell about the project that has just started:

“My name is Ntosu Veronica, I thank VAO Ghana for bringing this initiative. It will help me and my family because I will not use the little money I make from the sale of cassava to buy vegetables.”

Ntosu Veronica (project participant)

“Thank God I am part of this project. I initially do not have the skills to cultivate vegetables. I buy pepper, tomatoes, okra, garden eggs etc. but now I can cultivate vegetables. I thank all those who support this initiative.” 

Evu Dzigbod (project participant)

“With these skills, I can save money to take good care of my children by paying their school fees, hospital bills and other basic needs.”

Kugbe Mary (project participant)

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