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True meaning of giving a chance

Even during her training as WA-WA’s first beneficiary in 2020, Sharon Ogweno never gave up, she wowed her trainers with her deep urge of knowing more in fashion and design. She emerged to be the very best participant ready to show and assist her fellow participants in areas they did not understand well back then.

Sharon was and is a bread winner both in her family of 5 and also at her father’s home. The husband has been responsible though with dwindling household income. She approached WA-WA leadership post training and requested if she could have something ranging from office keeping, security or any other post at WAWA where she could earn a living. Based on her standing character, Sharon was given a chance to become office assistant, and among her daily roles as office assistant were; cleaning the office every morning, preparing tea for staffs and participants as well as going for errands. She became excellent in her roles and today,  the energetic, dedicated and humble young mother is the office administrator at WA-WA Kenya, she has been enrolled to pursue a course in business administration a scholarship by WA-WA Kenya .

This is a true meaning of growth that WA-WA Kenya wants to see in all our beneficiaries, where you come in without or with limited skills and later exiting with not only skills but also competency to eneble them compete with the outside world.

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