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Our Theory of Change

At iMPACT direct one can directly donate to successful projects of African nonprofits, who support people out of extreme poverty. Besides, we support these nonprofits for three years to become the best impact-makers in their region. We do it differently altogether.

  • Making it possible to directly donate to credible locally-led NGOs, for individuals, companies and grants.
  • Creating more value for money, in the partnerships with our locally-led NGOs.
  • And challenging the unequal power dynamics in the aid sector.

It is our dream and ambition for the coming three years to support 100 locally-led NGOs to become the best impact-makers in their region. So that they can create even more impact in communities in 10 African countries, improving the lives of 100,000 people by helping them out of extreme poverty. But even more importantly, graduating partner-NGOs will be able to continue making an impact for people who need it most, after our multi-year partnership ends.

Theory of Change (narrative)

Theory of Change (narrative)
iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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