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The Story of Susan

I am Susan Njeri, 30 years of age, a single mother of two. When l heard of the outreach at Matumaini Rehabilitation centre by Kalyet Afya Foundation (KAF), I took the initiative to seek the services of family planning from them. I was lucky to receive a five-year family planning which I was given after a health talk from the nurse which they administered it for free.

 I was also introduced to a women’s group that runs a tree nursery supported by KAF, through this group l will learn skills on tending a tree nursery and I will be able to earn through the group when we sell the seedlings. I have been struggling with the two children since I am a casual labourer at the flower farm bordering this area and I have to work tirelessly to meet the needs of the kids. 

It is tiring and the life is becoming unbearable the prices of basic commodities keep on rising. For instance, to travel to and from my work in Molo, a town in Nakuru County, will cost KES 300, without lunch. It doesn’t leave anything left to buy a card and pay for the services at the facilities out there. It worries me to become pregnant again thus I am relieved for the services I received I thank KAF and the CHVs for passing on this valuable information and services to us whom we are unable to access this services around.

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