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The impact made with Pig Rearing

The project has supported 20 marginalized women from Isulu start pig farming, including widows, women with a disability, and single mothers.

One of them is Kevin:

“Most women have told us they used to sit idle at home as they had no means to start an income-generating activity. However, they are now busy looking after their piglets. One of the project’s beneficiaries is Kevin, who calls her pigs her babies. She is a widow who says she used to feel lonely before she started pig farming. Kevin has named her pigs OLCA and CAP in memory of OLCAP. She explained how the pigs cry when she’s leaving the homestead to run errands. Whenever she leaves home, she must hurry back to be with her OLCA and CAP. Kevin says the piglets have taken away her loneliness as taking care of them, including feeding them, washing them, and talking to them, brings so much joy to her.  She says she is already using droppings from the piglets to grow napier grass, a fodder grass which she can use to feed her pigs, other animals, or sell.”

Another one is Clementina:

“I’m happy and thank OLCAP, iMPACT direct, and all those who helped me start pig farming. I’m proud of myself for taking good care of the pigs. As a widow with three children, I haven’t had any means to earn income or afford basic needs since my late husband was the breadwinner. I have a daughter with a learning disability, and I cannot not leave her home alone to go look for manual work in people’s farms. Now, I can easily take care of the pigs and also look after my daughter as the pigs eat readily available food like grass, leftover food, vegetables, and arrow roots. I look forward to having many piglets after the sow matures. I plan to sell some piglets to invest in a cow to give me milk (as I cannot afford to buy it at the moment) and cow dung to help maintain my earthen floor.”

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