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    Thank you for your donation. We will transfer 95% of your donation to the project of your choice.

Together with you

iMPACT direct foundation connects a large group of donors to underfunded locally-led NGOs. We believe that frontline NGOs have the expertise and knowledge to tackle the social injustices in their local settings and multiply their impact. 

Together with you, we can strengthen impactful nonprofits to thrive, solve, multiply their impact. One donation at time.

CHANGE the story of GIVING

Local NGOs are fighting climate change, poverty reduction, illiteracy, gender inequality and many more.

iMPACT direct reviews and selects credible and impactful locally-led NGOs. The donor selects the NGOs and project they wish to contribute to and we transfer 95% of the donation directly to the NGO of their choice. Moreover, we provide donors with impactful meetings with NGO staff and the people they work with, as well as updates and impact reports, directly from the NGOs.

Local expertise matters

Local expertise is instrumental in solving crisis in vulnerable communities. Frontline non-profits that have identified impactful solutions are often underfunded and excluded from the decision-making tables. This needs to change.

iMPACT direct aims to support local NGOs to become self-sustaining. That’s why we provide a platform that showcases and acknowledges local solutions, facilitate access to unconditional grants and share expertise from experts around the globe and.

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Direct donation, lasting impact

Why should you support our mission to promote equitable funding? Directly supporting local solutions means more impact with less budget, faster response and durable results. As local NGOs and communities build a durable relationship, and not just for the funding period. 

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