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Testimonials about the Fashion Business Academy

“I’m happy with Cavin Odera’s dream for us just 4 months in operation we secured a contract to prepare 200 pairs of school uniforms, the income generated allowed the expansion of the shop and bought more supplies, such as clothing, a sewing machine and thread. It enables me also to improve the condition of me parents’ house and pay for my siblings’ school fees.”

Sharron Ogweno (project participant)

“Joan, a 29 years’ old mother of four emerged as the best learner among the first group and now works for a tailoring shop as an assistant majoring in school uniforms. She hopes to branch out on her own eventually.”

Joan (project participant)

‘’One thing makes me feel good” One of the ladies I trained gained enough independence to walk out of an abusive marriage and get a small job as an apprentice at a tailoring shop.”

Caroline Ouma (Wa-Wa trainer)

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