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Testimonial: OLCAP Organisational Growth Activities

One of OLCAP’s goal is to diversify OLCAP’s income through fundraising from different sources. To help achieve this goal, the organization used part of the organizational growth funds to pay for tuition and transportation costs for a 3-day Support Raising Bootcamp for five of its staff members from October 25 to 27, 2023, organized by Via.
Some helpful fundraising strategies learned at the Bootcamp included the need to fundraise from individuals, starting with local individuals. Staff from OLCAP were challenged to present the poverty eradication work the organization is doing to individuals and request them to be monthly financial partners.
The organization has already seen fruits from the training as some of the individuals that OLCAP staff have approached have joined its monthly support financial team. Having monthly support partners will increase the funds available for the organization’s work, enabling it to serve more resource-challenged people. It will also enable good planning of project implementation.

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