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How to post a story

Large part of the succes in iMPACT direct’s short existence, comes from the stories written by the NGOs. Direct, live & lively and written by the people who give meaning to the projects.

Stories can be published when you have a running project. Stories posted before or after your project is running on our website, go lost. Make sure you read the section ‘What makes a good story‘, to get the best results and involvement out of your story.

To post a story, click ‘Submit story’ in the menu of your account. First you need to write a title. Create a short and triggering title. We advise to use 2 – 4 words, with a maximum of 6 words.

Write down your story. You can use the well-known format tools to shape your text. Create lists, bold texts or insert a quote.

After writing the content of your story, you must at least upload 1 picture. See the field ‘ Featured image’ underneath the content you wrote. Click ‘select file’ and select the picture you want to upload from your computer/device. This picture is required and will be the picture displayed on our website’s page ‘Stories’ and on the project’s page it’s related to.

When you want to upload more pictures, use the field ‘More images’. Click ‘select files’ and select the picture you want to upload from your computer/device. You can add up to 20 pictures here. The pictures can be uploaded at once. You can add pictures later as well (you can also change the text after submitting the post).

Pictures can not be bigger than 2mb. We ask you to keep the file-size as small as possible. Size of the image itself should be somewhere between 600px and 1800px width, regardless of portrait or landscape.

It is also possible to add a document, video or audio to your story, in the fields under the images. How to add a document, video or audio is explained in the next support-sections.

To publish your story, click ‘Publish story’. If you don’t want to publish your story yet, but you want to save what you already wrote and uploaded, click ‘Save Draft’. Your story is saved but will not be published online for now.

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