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Video & audio

If you have a video, or audio to share in your story, you can easily add this at the bottom of the ‘Submit story’ page. Just copy your Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify or Soundcloud link and paste it into one of the specific assigned fields. It is also possible to use the link in the content of your post, but we ask you if possible to avoid images, video and/or audio in the content (written text) to keep a solid lay-out.

If you have multiple video’s or audiofiles to share, create one post per video or soundbite. Write a short triggering title, a brief description, add the required featured image (if you don’t have an image, a screenshot of the video can be a suggestion) and add the link to the file you want to share. Do the same for the other files you want to share in separate posts. In that way the stories themselves are easy to read and understand, and it also adds to the dynamic liveliness of your project online and the website itself.

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