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What are the selection criteria for NGOs?

We are looking for partnerships with African-based social innovators, that are:

  • NGOs that are officially registered (and thus comply with local regulations).
  • NGOs that have a bank account in the country they work (and thus had a KYC-check).
  • NGOs that can show past annual financial reports.
  • African NGOs that are locally-led, locally-found and locally-based, especially those from Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania or Uganda. Diaspora organisations can apply, when supporting a locally-led NGO in the country where projects take place.
  • NGOs that work for and with community members living below the poverty line.
  • NGOs that have activities running on one or more of these 3 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
    • No Poverty (SDG1)
    • Zero Hunger (in combination with climate-smart solutions) (SDG 2)
    • Quality Education (SDG4) other than primary education
  • NGOs with an annual income less than €100,000 (thus donations through iMPACT direct make a significant difference for the NGO’s budget).
  • NGOs whose initiators started from a great idea for local projects, with own or local resources and can show achieved impact but fail to get (sufficient) resources from granting donors.
  • NGOs that are (or are willing to):
    • Engage project participants in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects.
    • Show how their work improves lives (facilitated by our application survey, project form and reporting format).
    • Are cost-efficient (i.e. budget/lives improved).
    • Are transparent by sharing project information, stories and reports on our website and socials.
  • NGOs that value partnerships based on equality, trust and transparency, in which we work as a team towards shared objectives and vision, with shared efforts.
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