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The application – Page 3

Brief introduction to the NGO
20 – 60 words

Why and how did you start the NGO

Mission NGO
What is the mission of your organisation?

Recipients NGO
Who are the recipients of your organisation?

Number of lives improved last year
How many people are reached with the activities in the past two years?

What are the direct and indirect results for these people/families
Direct results are directly produced by the projects. Indirect results are something that happen as a (likely) consequence of what you do.

What can be said on the long-term result for these people/families
What changes do you observe in the community ever since the NGO has started?

Does your organisation engage recipients communities in:

How do you engage recipients/communities

Our projects contribute to

If other that is…

Cost effectiveness NGO

Partnership with iMPACT direct

Brief introduction of the NGO’s team

Why would you like to partner with us?

How would you want a partnership to look like?

What would you want to bring into the partnership?
For example, something that is important to you, an expertise, or something else.

iMPACT direct

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