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Story Behind WA-WA Formation

Did you know that When I was 12 years old I lost both of my parents to HIV related diseases?! My mother used to sell fish in order to take care of us and since we were poor that she couldn’t afford to raise capital money 😢 for her business,  she engaged into six for fish practices,  this is a typical example of sexual violence among women along lake Victoria, in Luo,  the practice is called “Jaboya” in case you want to know more about the act,click the link below.

So this is how my mother contracted HIV passed it to my dad and they both died leaving us vulnerable kids 😢.

I always say what doesn’t kill you make you only stronger, with the rich experience, I got motivated to start WA-WA Kenya who’s full mandate is to ensure that women are equipped with developmental skills that enables them to get employed,  start and manage their own businesses and or link them with other outside opportunities. 

To-date, we have reached out to close to 519 women in a span of 3 years. Our training areas are but not limited to; fishing, fish farming,  carpentry,  fashion and design, beauty parlor,  table banking, soap and detergent making among others.

For this one specifically, we are reaching out to you in support of 10 women in beauty parlor, imagine 10 women getting out of sexual violence through your support, isn’t that awesome 😀. 

We should not forget that the women we supporting are marginalized,  some are HIV positive,  averagely every woman has 5 kids, they didn’t go to school and many more sufferings.  

Please support this call to put a smile on her face today. In return, we’ll use our active social media platforms to echo your support, or put up your name on the t-shirts women will wear. And this will ambassadize uou and your support among the fisher communities. 

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