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Results Christmas campaign

Thank you so much for your support!

25 donors supported 4 African frontline NGOs in restoring mangroves, providing seed money for green entrepreneurs, building of a boys’ dormitory and for securing land for a school.

Today we transfered all donations to the NGOs:

Transfers to NGOs

We’ll get back with the reports – published by the NGOs directly on our website – without being edited or filtered – once the donations have been used. 
See for example all reports of our former campaign here.

And the coming months our efforts we’ll be in matching the donations to try to reach the amount goals each project had set.

To be continued…!!

Note: 5% of the donations is used to cover the costs (which is not feasible yet, but it could if we keep growing. That is why from the €1,287.10 donated, we transferred a total of €1,222.75 to the NGOs and the remaining €64,36 we used to pay the bank account (around €10 per month, depending on the number of transfers), PayPal costs and a few social media adds.

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