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Ksh40909 (or €327) was used for the school fees of 2 form 4 students for one term. As it was not all sufficient, Affecto added up the amount from their own resources.

Isaac Sylvester Waweru receiving his certificate for another term in school, after Covid lockdown (December 2020).
Alice Gathe receiving her certificate for another term in school, after COVID lockdown (December 2020).

Affecto has used the funds to pay school fees for 1 term for 2 Affecto stars in secondary schools. Affecto family is made up of fully sponsored students in various secondary schools in the country.


By empowering the young children in their formative years by virtue of gifting them with education, Affecto seeks at improving the liife styles of these children and at large the life of where they come from. Affecto is bringing up a generation that will uplift their socities by embracing the spirit of giving and helping those from under privelleged backgrounds.

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