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iMPACT direct quality labels

Transparency and creating impact are at the heart of iMPACT direct. This is acknowledged by the following quality labels:


The CBF-acknowledgement means we are a professional and transparent non-profit, that does more than crowdfunding only.

CBF will keep doing annual checks on the way we work. And it publishes our approach and impact on their website, to leverage transparency to donors.


ANBI is a status that organisations working on public benefits receive from the Dutch Tax Authority. Dutch supporters will have tax advantages when donating. Moreover, the ANBI logo on our website shows that we meet the basic criteria for a professional good cause.

Quality FAQs

How do we measure our impact?

We support NGOs (where relevant) to measure their impact, including:

  • Number of lives improved
  • Community impact through observed changes

In addition, we measure the effect that our strategies have for the NGOs we work with, including:

  • NGOs have more equal partnerships with northern-based organisations
  • NGOs have improved access to (unrestricted) funding, also beyond iMPACT direct
  • NGO’s have stronger organisations (measured with a self-assessment on organisational excellence, and cost-efficiency)

And finally, additional quantitative measures for monitoring progress include:

  • € donated
  • Cost-efficiency of iMPACT direct
  • NGO satisfaction
  • Donor satisfaction
What are the selection criteria for NGOs?
  • NGOs that are officially registered (and thus comply with local regulations).
  • NGOs that have a bank account in the country they work (and thus had a KYC-check).
  • NGOs that can show past annual financial reports.
  • African NGOs that are locally-led, locally-found and locally-based, especially those from Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania or Uganda.
  • NGOs that work for and with community members living below the poverty line.
  • NGOs that have activities running on one or more of these 3 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
    • No Poverty (SDG1)
    • Zero Hunger (in combination with climate-smart solutions) (SDG 2)
    • Quality Education (SDG4)
  • NGOs with an annual income less than €100,000 (thus donations through iMPACT direct make a significant difference for the NGO’s budget).
  • NGOs whose initiators started from a great idea for local projects, with own or local resources and can show achieved impact but fail to get (sufficient) resources from granting donors.
  • NGOs that are (or are willing to):
      • Engage project participants in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects.
      • Show how their project improves lives (facilitated by our application survey, project form and reporting format).
      • Are cost-efficient (i.e. budget/lives improved).
      • Are transparent by sharing project information, stories and reports on our website and socials.
  • NGOs that value partnerships based on equality, trust and transparency, in which we work as a team towards shared objectives and vision, with shared efforts.
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