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Zero Hunger through Mixed Farming

10 vulnerable households gain a balanced diet and increase their income by implementing mixed farming.
  • Local solution

    OLCAP is an expert in supporting families to build a sustainable income that lifts them out of extreme poverty. In this project they will support 10 women and men in starting mixed farming, combining indigenous chicken (kienyeji) and goat rearing, with indigenous vegetable growing. Together, it will provide families with a balanced diet and an extra income.

    This solution is very much needed in Ikolomani, the second poorest sub-county in Kenya, with over half of the population living below the poverty line, lacking a balanced diet, or even facing food scarcity. The 10 project participants are from vulnerable women-headed households, have available land and access to natural water sources and are all eager to start participating in the project. They approached OLCAP for support sighting food security and income challenges. Unanimously, they identified mixed farming as a venture that could help them resolve their challenges.

    The 10 trainees will be trained in 3 days on technical skills in successful poultry farming, goat rearing, and vegetable gardening, using the manure of the animals. Topics include livestock housing, disease control and management, vegetable gardening, entrepreneurship and business skills.
    After the training, they will receive 30 breed chicks and two baby goats. They will also receive chicken feed, an assortment of vegetable seeds and various poultry farming equipment such as disinfectants, dewormers, and multivitamins.
    Finally, a demonstration farm will be set up in one of the trainees’ homes to offer continued learning and guidance. This creates room for practical lessons.

    OLCAP has already successfully supported 30 women to break out of extreme poverty with projects funded through iMPACT direct. The outstanding approach of OLCAP is that it always first does a small pilot learn from it, and only then starts a project.
    OLCAP has also established and registered a social welfare association (Kitty Fund) to provide project participants with greater access to ownership of income and savings. They can borrow from the Kitty to grow their ventures, ensuring sustainability.

    Lives improved

    The 10 trainees and on average 50 family members gain a balanced diet. In addition they will increase their income from selling eggs and meat from reared chicken and goats, as well as vegetables. Some of the income will be used to meet household basic needs, such as healthcare, improved housing or education costs for the kids.

    OLCAP considers the project successful when the 10 households have increased their dietary quality and variety, and their household income. And that is what they will monitor and report upon.

    Community impact

    Increased vegetable farming, poultry and goat rearing will also improve the accessibility and affordability of food in the entire community.
    In addition, more community members can learn from mixed farming techniques from the demonstration farm. When they also start implementing it, they enhance food security.

    To upscale and  increase project impact, each household will donate two  chicken, 2 months old rooster and hen, to a new household.


    The budget for the following activities is KES 1,414,000 (or € 9,474). The donation will be used to:

    • Conduct an assessment on nutritional needs
    • Conduct a beginner training
    • Purchase chicken, baby goats, vegetable seeds, vaccines, vitamins
    • Procure poultry farming equipment, including feeding and watering equipment, cleaning items, chicken house material, project administration costs
    • 5% to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (covering our costs for the website, financial costs of direct donations, and basic costs to support NGOs in promotion and fundraising.)

    Own contributions:

    • OLCAP will provide human resource during the training and provide a venue for meetings and the training.


Project Details

  • Project
    Zero Hunger through Mixed Farming
  • NGO
  • Location
    Kakamega County Ikolomani Sub-County

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Zero Hunger
  • Start date
    August 1, 2023
  • End date
    July 31, 2024

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OLCAP’s mission is to reduce the burden of poverty and improve the quality of life of people living in rural areas in Kenya. We will use this first-hand experience and expertise to ensure that the project is successful and contributes to poverty reduction among the beneficiaries, their families, and the community.

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