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Young Solar Electricians

15 youth in Sekyere East District, Ghana are trained as solar power electricians. With the skills, they are empowered to seek employment or become self-employed, and contribute to energy solutions for communities.
  • Local solution

    Pinasol Foundation in collaboration with Krobea Asante Technical Vocational Institute will conduct training for 15 youth in solar power installation and maintenance. These youth dropped from high school education because they could not afford the school fees.

    Africa, in the recent past, has hugely invested in renewable energy increasing opportunities for renewable energy experts. However, there is a shortfall in skilled workforce and manpower. In Ghana, there is extreme power supply shortage leading to power rationing.  This has bedevilled the country over decades resulting in power outages and power sharing, also known as dumso. There are inadequate training and production units to train people and sell products that will help solve the problem.

    More trained solar electricians will help to connect communities to electricity that are not connected to the national grid. In addition, solar refrigeration can be used for vaccine fridges used by hospitals and for power pumping machines for irrigation.

    Pinasol Foundation believes the training comes in handy to the prevailing power supply challenges and at the same time support 15 youth in economic empowerment. In the training  – consisting of 2 days school and 3 days workplace experience learning – the recipients will have technical skills on assembly, installation, and repair of energy gadgets for effective service delivery. Further, they will be trained in quality management with specific emphasis on customer care, procurement, and business and financial management to run their businesses.

    Lives improved

    15 youth gain knowledge in solar energy provision. The acquired skills give them a competitive advantage in solar installation opportunities in the energy sector. Alternatively, they can start their own businesses. Either way, they have an income sufficient to cater for their basic needs.

    Community impact

    75 family members will benefit from the increased income that improves their ability to meet household consumption needs. Additionally, Sekyere East District will see increased power supply from the 15 experts’ installation and maintenance skills. There will be lasting solutions to the identified gaps in the district.


    The budget for the following activities is GHS 39,658 or (€ 4,997), meaning costs are around €350 per student.

    The donations will be channelled to:

    • Basic equipment and school lunches per student (around €2,000)
    • Teacher’s salary and transport (around €2,250)
    • Workplace Experience Learning costs for mentors (around €950)
    • 5 % to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (around €250)

    Own contributions from Pinasol are:

    • Adding around €1078 for project costs and project management costs.
  • Local solution realised
    Lives improved
    Community impact realised


Project Details

  • Project
    Young Solar Electricians
  • Campaign
  • Location
    Sekyere East District
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • No Poverty, Quality Education
  • Start date
    September 1, 2022
  • End date
    November 30, 2022
  • Total amount raised
    € 2265
  • Lives improved
    15 persons
  • Community iMPACT


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Since 2011, the PINASOL Foundation works on humanitarian relief, development and advocacy dedicated to children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice, in the Sekyere East District, in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. In the past seven years, we have gained a unique experience of helping youth acquire employable skills and also helping women to accumulate wealth and practice better savings and banking culture.

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