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Weaving for Economic Independence

10 girls and young women acquire vocational skills to start a smock-weaving business in northern Ghana. It is expected that at least 8 participants will successfully gain economic independence from it.
  • Local solution

    Song-Ba is addressing violence against women (or GBV) in 3 communities in northern Ghana, by supporting 10 girls and young women to gain economic independence. At the same time, they are raising awareness on women’s rights and finding support with community members to support these.

    Girls and young women in the communities of Kotigli, Dakyemyili and Baliga often live in poverty, with limited financial opportunities, and risk female genital mutilation, early-marriage or migration in the search for better opportunities. All these factors make them vulnerable to domestic violence, battering and even witch-hunting. The girls from the project are between 15 and 25 years’ old and in a community consultation they spoke out about what they are ging through and we came up with the following solution:

    In a 6-month training in smock weaving the project participants will have the capacity to make fabrics. Smock weaving is a traditional outfit that is in high demand in the region, and people order a lot from different parts of the country. Furthermore, the training will also focus on developing marketing skills and customer relations. In addition, Song-Ba will support the group of young women to set up a saving-group (or VSLA).

    Concurrently, our team will help them to sell their crafts using their market approach and networks. This is called the “Work and Pay” approach, earning an income while learning a vocational skill. The revenue will be party used by the girl and women for pressing needs, partly for savings, so that they can purchase their own materials to launch their business when the programme ends, and partly for the sustainability of the project, whereby finished weaved fabrics will be sold to acquire more fabrics and other raw materials needed for the training of the participants.

    Song-Ba has experience improve the livelihood of the women and girls of the Northern Region of Ghana. In the Song-Ba Empowerment Centre 10 girls are successfully trained in smock-weaving, and 60 girls and young women have been successfully supported with group-saving programmes.

    Lives improved

    10 girls and young women acquire vocational skills to start a weaving business. It is expected that at least 8 participants will successfully gain economic independence from it. In turn, the women’s gained economic independence improves their decision-making roles, not only on household needs, but also on decisions regarding their own body, which spares them from violence.

    In addition, 24 family members benefit from the raised income, by now getting access to nutritious meals, access to school and health care, or improved housing for the entire family.

    Community impact

    Awareness on women’s rights and economic independent women will gradually change the mentality of these communities where only men are considered to hold financial power, with family and community members opening space and opportunities for girls. Moreover, they will be an example of success for other girls and young women.

    Indirectly, we hope to contribute to less migration from the north to south Ghana. Song-Ba is aiming at 10 to 50 more beneficiaries beyond this project, and a migration rate from the 3 communities to reduce by 50%.


    The budget for the following activities is GHS 100,830 (or €3,650). The donation will be used to:

    • Skills training, including weaving stools
    • Training & formation of saving-groups
    • Business & Entrepreneurship training
    • Financial Literacy Training
    • 5% to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (which helps to cover costs of the website, promotion and proposal writing, costs of financial services and the support to NGOs).

    Own contribution: Song-Ba will provide a working space with weaving and sewing machines and use its motorbikes for the activity rounds. Moreover, due to the community consultation, a space to install a shelter to protect participants from rain and sun was offered.


Project Details

  • Project
    Weaving for Economic Independence
  • NGO
  • Location
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • No Poverty, Quality Education
  • Start date
    July 1, 2024
  • End date
    June 30, 2025

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The organisation promotes the rights of women and girls through community outreaches and schools programs. It has been supporting many women and girls in the Northern Region of Ghana with skills in weaving, sewing and marketing. Our community livelihood project has, over the years, improved the life of about 365 women by providing the necessary tools for them to start, or grow their own businesses. This resulted in helping them to build a decent livelihood for themselves and their families. Song-Ba Empowerment Centre has engaged in programs aimed at fighting cultural practices that promote violence against women.

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