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Water security through Mechanised Borehole Drilling

3 young people acquire employment at the water supply unit that is expected to serve 2000 people by providing safe and clean water to the rural people of Effiduase Township in Ghana.
  • Local solution

    Pinasol will tackle  water scarcity at Akwamu, Effiduase Township through the construction of a solar mechanised borehole water system. This ensures consistent supply of clean and safe water to 2000 inhabitants and offers employment to 3 youth.

    Residents of Effiduase Township have limited access to clean and safe water leading to diseases and infections that jeopardises   their health.  As at 23rd December 2023 , the District Health Directorate recorded 20,471 cases of scabies with 3,230 from Effiduase .   The residents rely on rock drippings and other underground water sources that are unsafe, possess discoloration, bad taste and odour.. The limited water access affects children’s education since they queue for long hours to fetch water for their families. To improve the water, sanitation and hygiene of the residents, the Assembly member and the unit committee members of the area approached Pinasol to assist establish a sustainable water source. 

    The solar mechanised borehole water system will have 5 outlets each serving approximately 300 residents. The use of a solar powered pump system  reduces the cost of energy.  Pinasol will set up and train a water sanitation management committee of 3 youths to operate and maintain the mechanised borehole on behalf of the community. The training will cover water, sanitation and hygiene. With these skills they will be employed to run the  water distribution. The project will also leverage on the skills of the young solar project trainees, previously trained by Pinasol, to offer maintenance of the solar panels.

    Pinasol is highly experienced in WASH related projects and will provide capacity building and water sanitation education for the residents in the community. 

    Lives improved

    Three youths acquire water, sanitation and hygiene skills. In addition, they get employed to run the water distribution. This earns them gainful livelihood for their family members. Previously trained young solar professionals also get income from regular solar system maintenance.

    12 family members benefit from the increased income and can afford basic needs for their households.

    Community impact

    The establishment of a solar mechanised borehole water system reduces the exposure of the community to water-related diseases. It also saves women and children time taken to get to the limited water sources and the waiting time to fetch water. Consequently, children and women who have to walk miles before getting water will have their time saved. Children will be on time at school improving their performance in the long run.


    The total budget of the project is GH₵166,452 (€ 10,326). We request €5263 through iMPACT direct. The budget will be invested in the following:

    1. Purchase of materials and resources to construct the borehole
    2. Testing water quality
    3. Construction of overhead tank
    4. Administration, monitoring and evaluation of the project.
    5. 5% to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (which helps to cover costs of the website, promotion and proposal writing, costs of financial services, and the support to NGOs).

    Our Own Contribution

    Pinasol foundation will provide capacity building and water sanitation education for the residents at the community. The organisation will also support project management and coaching to ensure that the project is successful.

My name is Bright Agyeman, assembly member of the Effiduase, Akwamu Extension. I am happy to welcome this water project in our community. Our people lack water and share the only stream- (ASENSU) River- with cattle and other livestock. This has many health-related diseases in our community including scabies, and other neglected tropical diseases in the district. We are happy that this project will provide access to safe drinking water and reduce the time our young children and women spend to fetch water for household consumption.

    Project Details

    • Project
      Water security through Mechanised Borehole Drilling
    • Location
      Effiduase, Sekyere East district
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • No Poverty, Quality Education
    • Start date
      September 1, 2024
    • End date
      February 28, 2025

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    Since 2011, the PINASOL Foundation works on humanitarian relief, development and advocacy dedicated to children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice, in the Sekyere East District, in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. In the past seven years, we have gained a unique experience of helping youth acquire employable skills and also helping women to accumulate wealth and practice better savings and banking culture.

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    Project location Water security through Mechanised Borehole Drilling

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