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Second Chance for Teen Mothers

The Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) is launching a transformative initiative to equip 20 teenage mothers in Morogoro, Tanzania, with skills in detergent(soap, vaseline, bar soap, medicated soap) production and basic beauty services which will ensure stable financial incomes for them.
  • Local solution

    A 6-month intensive training in detergents and basic beauty making will be provided to 20 teenage mothers as their rejection from families, and community members because of their pregnancy has exposed them to vulnerabilities.

    Young mothers in Morogoro live in precarious conditions due to the lack of financial income, rejection of their families, and refusal of the pregnancy by their partners. They are therefore exposed to prostitution, drugs and illegal activities. Through a baseline survey, the targeted 20 young mothers exposed their situation, and we all agreed to provide over six months an intensive training that will cover producing liquid soap, bar soap, medicated soap, and Vaseline, along with hairdressing skills. These skills are in high demand and offer stable income opportunities.

    Partnerships with salons, and local businesses will facilitate direct employment of the participants who will wish to be employed. Support will be provided to those who wish to lead their own business by registering them to create a group that applies for the youth support loan of the government. Support to apply for the Village Community Bank will be provided. These loan-providing entities are partners the organisation has been working with.

    With over nine years of experience, YSMF has empowered 2,125 young mothers through various skill development programmes. Our founders, being survivors of violence, deeply understand the challenges faced by these women and are dedicated to fostering their socio-professional integration.

    Lives improved

    Participants will gain lifetime skills, improving their livelihoods and those of their children. We expect 90% of participants to succeed, enabling them to provide for their children's education, healthcare, and
    overall well-being, impacting at least 19 children positively.

    Community impact

    This initiative will enhance the rights and financial autonomy of young mothers, leading to increased social respect and reduced street children. By promoting self-reliance, we aim to foster a supportive
    community environment.


    The budget for the following activities is 9 200 275 Tanzanian Shillings, equivalent to €3,325.
    The donation will be used to:

    The donation will be used to:

    1. To repair a training centre for the saloon and detergent making,
    2. To purchase the training equipments and tools for the saloon and detergent,
    3. To pay the trainers who will be training on saloon and detergent making,
    4. To pay for the security guard who will be guiding the centre,
    5. To design a baby care classroom for the children of the teenage mother to have
    a safe space for them to be while their mothers are in training,
    6. To pay for the caregiver of the children of the teenage mothers,
    7. To purchase tools and equipment as well as playing and learning materials for
    the children of the teenage mothers,
    8. To cover the administrative costs at the centre,
    9. To cover transportation costs during the purchasing of the materials and the
    implementation of the project,
    ● 5% to iMPACT directly for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (which
    helps to cover costs of the website, promotion and proposal writing, costs of financial
    services and the support to NGOs).

    Own contributions:
    Young Strong Mothers (YSMF) will connect the trained women with various opportunities such as microfinance groups, VICOBA and government loans for youth and women. YSMF will connect the participants with partner companies. The organisation has experience winning government loans for youth and women, which will be helpful in supporting successful participants to apply for loans. The organisation will dedicate time to follow up the
    first phases of implementation of the business activities of the trainees.


Project Details

  • Project
    Second Chance for Teen Mothers
  • NGO
    Young Strong Mothers Foundation
  • Location
    Morogoro, Tanzania
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Zero Hunger, Quality Education
  • Start date
    July 1, 2024
  • End date
    June 30, 2025

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Project Proposal

Young Strong Mothers Foundation

As a non-profit organisation, Young Strong Mothers Foundation commits to rebuilding the dreams of young teen mothers by equipping them with skills and knowledge to empower them in order for them to provide decent livelihood to their kids and their family members.

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