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iMPACT direct

Scaling ecological farming in East Africa

Improving food security and family health of 7,375 people and contribute to a better climate.
  • Local solution

    There are many successful approaches by locally-led African NGOs, which iMPACT direct supports, to be able to achieve much more impact with relatively low budgets. Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme (COSDEP) is one of these locally-led NGOs that has great solutions at hand.

    In Kenya, they provide training to small-holder farmers in ecological farming, which directly increases food security, health and income for the entire farmer’s family, as well as contributing to restoring the environment and to becoming increasingly climate resilient. Together we wish to replicate and scale COSDEP’s solution to 10 East African CBOs and NGOs to create more impact. And iMPACT direct supports organisational strengthening for locally-led NGOs in Africa to become more sustainable and independent.

    Our joint strategies include:

    • Training of 10 NGOs/CBOs staff with the technical knowledge and practical skills of ecological agriculture practices. In turn, the CBO/NGO staff will enhance upscaling and replication of the knowledge and skills to their farmers.
    • Promoting locally available solutions, its experts and knowledge to future supporters and 900+ locally-led African NGOs.
    • Closely monitoring and documenting best practices and learnings during the pilot phase for reference during project’s progress in the long term.
    Lives improved

    We expect 7,375 farmers and family members to benefit from:

    • Increased income due to reduced costs (self-made ecological fertilisers and pesticides reduce at least Ksh100 a day or €0.67) and an increased production of which surpluses can be sold.
    • Enhanced food security, because of having sufficient produce of fresh vegetables and fruits for family use.
    • Increased health due to consumption of healthy foods, and because produce no longer contains chemical fertilisers.
    Community impact

     The project will continuously contribute to a clean environment through:

    • Reduction of water-, air- and soil pollution.
    • Enhanced nutrient circulation in the soil and thus an increased sustainability in soil fertility. Soil matter increased by 5%.
    • A reduction of acidic rain to the surroundings due to the usage of biopesticides and biofertilizers.

    In addition, the project will continuously contribute to sustainable livelihood for small-holder farmers an food security in the communities, because of NGOs and CBOs having acquired knowledge that they can keep on using and sharing through the demo farms


    The budget for the following activities €54,200. The donation will be used to:

    • Overall coordination of project implementation and support to 10 CBOs/NGOs
    • 10 CBOs/NGOs (selection and onboarding)
    • 50 CBO/NGO staff trained in eco-farming
    • 10 eco-demonstration farms
    • 500 small-holder farmers trained
    • 2,500 farmers to gain awareness around demo farms
    • 5,000 staff from locally-led NGOs reached with online capacity strengthening
    • Promotion of impact and learnings incl. 15,000 potential supporters reached
    • Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

    This project is fundraised for amongst grants.


Project Details

  • Project
    Scaling ecological farming in East Africa
  • Location
    East Africa
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Zero Hunger
  • Start date
    September 1, 2023
  • End date
    August 31, 2023

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Project Proposal


Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme (COSDEP) is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on ensuring continued learning and practice of agro ecological Agriculture in rural communities for improved food and dietary conditions. Community development programmes in other fields have also been keen in our transformation mission of the livelihoods of the vulnerable communities which has contributed to our engagement in varied cross cutting issues within our programmes. The organization’s office is situated in Gachie shopping center, Kiambu County, a few kilometers from the city of Nairobi. The organization was founded in 2001 as a community-based organization in Kiambu and Murang’a and became an NGO in 2004. Ever since COSDEP has reached out and previously worked with farmers in other Counties of Kajiado, Nyahururu, Narok and Busia and aims to cover the entire Country.

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Project location Scaling ecological farming in East Africa

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