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RuGirlz EMS

Pads that Empower Women and Girls

Our initiative, which involves local production of sustainable sanitary pads, not only provides three financially disadvantaged women with a sustainable job, but also helps transform the lives of 200 girls from poor families. This ensures that the girls have access to free sanitary pads in order to keep them at school during their period.
  • Local solution

    Three (03) financially and socially disadvantaged women will be trained and employed to produce local sustainable menstrual products. These products will be sold at a lower cost to rural women with small incomes, and distributed free to 200 schoolgirls to end girls absenteeism from school during their periods.

    Getting a decent job is an ultimate need for the women, between the age of 18 and 35, who we will be training and employing, as their poor financial and social conditions expose them to violence, diseases and under-treatments. On the other hand, accessing sustainable sanitary pads will prevent schoolgirls from being  absent from classes during their period, especially girls coming from disadvantaged families.

    An assessment was carried out that allowed the women to speak up about their disadvantaged financial situation. This assessment also gave the opportunities to school girls who shared how their period is an obstacle in going to classes. RuGirlz will provide sewing machines and fabrics to the 3 women to train them over two months, and will employ them as part of the team. The organisation will provide fabrics to sew sanitary pads. 200 pads will be distributed free to school girls from financially disadvantaged families, and the other part of the pads will be sold at a lower cost to rural women to ensure sustainability. Furthermore, as menstruation is still a taboo, and girls are still suffering from stigma around it, a forum that will gather 200 girls and 100 young boys will educate on sexual and reproductive health.

    Since its inception in 2012, RuGirlz has been an advocate and eco-feminist working with local women in the Nerebehi community. The organisation has created livelihoods and financial freedom for over 25 women and reached over 3000 underprivileged school girls. This record of accomplishment of success gives us confidence in the potential of our new project to make a real difference in the lives of women and girls.

    Lives improved

    In a short term, three women will be employed by RuGirlz and earn a financial income, which means at least 9 family members will be able to escape  precarious financial conditions. 200 school girls from financially disadvantaged families will receive free locally made pads that will last for two years.

    Being financially independent will keep these three women away from violence, and sex work, meaning their physical health is protected. In addition, 200 school girls will not be absent from classes because of their period, thus improving their school attendance and increasing their chances of graduating as their peer boys.

    Community impact

    The financial income of the three women who will be employed by RuGirlz will benefit around nine family members living in extreme poverty. This will improve the school attendance of girls from about 100 families.

    In addition, the project will have an impact on the environment because it will decrease ecological damage caused by disposable pads being thrown into rivers. It will also help improve women’s health status by using chemical free pads.

    This project relates to SDG 1 as it will lift 3 girls out of extreme poverty, and SDG4 as it will educate boys and girls on reproductive and sexual health.



    The budget for the following activities is 47500 Ghana Cedi (or €3251). The donation will be used for:

    • Tools and equipment ( sewing machines, knitting machines, raw materials) 
    • Training ( recruitment, training supplies) 
    • Administration, monitoring and evaluation 
    • 5% to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (which helps to cover costs of the website, promotion and proposal writing, costs of financial services and the support to NGOs).

    Own Contribution: RuGirlz will collaborate with local businesses for sponsorship and run income-generating activities such as schools and community workshops on menstrual health education for a fee, and the sale of these reusable pads.


  • ‘’I was an unemployed single mother and since I was trained and started sewing reusable sanitary pads, I now have income to support my little girl’s education and myself. I use the reusable sanitary pad too and I must say it has helped me to save money from monthly purchases.’’

    Dorcas, Nerebehi Community

    Project Details

    • Project
      Pads that Empower Women and Girls
    • NGO
    • Location
      Nerebehi, Ghana
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • No Poverty, Quality Education
    • Start date
      September 1, 2024
    • End date
      August 31, 2025

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    RuGirlz empowers socially disadvantaged women and youth by providing employment opportunities in the local production, marketing and distribution of our eco-friendly, reusable cloth sanitary pads. Our dedicated Period Hub serves as a vital resource centre, offering access to menstrual products, information, and support, while also promoting reproductive health and dignity.

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