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Our Proof of Concept

In 2024, we are testing the best approach on how to support our 12 African partner-NGOs to become the best impact-makers in their region, during a 3-year partnership.
  • Local solution

    Why is this needed? Too much aid budget is spent on other things than making impact. And southern-based NGOs are hardly capable of building strong organisations. Moreover, the context of locally-led NGOs is not supportive: many (individual) donors do not often hear about African experts who already have the solutions at hand. And there is a mistrust between donors and good causes, and between NGOs from the south and those in the north. All of this makes it really difficult for southern-based NGOs to thrive. See for facts and resources our Theory of Change.

    That is why 3 years ago, our founders started from the idea that if we want to make more impact, we should tackle all of this. And 3 of our strategies have already showed to have added-value for the NGOs we support (1. Visibility of locally-led solutions, 2. Access to project funding and 4. Trust-Based Partnerships).

    In 2024, we want to focus on how we can make the most impact for locally-led NGOs: to support our partner-NGOs to become the best impact-makers in their communities or region.

    The 12 partner-NGOs will be existing and new partners, which will support both the testing as mutual learning. Partner-NGOs that will graduate in 2023, will be asked to join the Advisory Board, during the 2 annual meetings we held with NGOs to collect ideas and receive feedback, to amplify the voice if NGOs in developing the approach, and at the same time being time-conscious for them so they can spend their best time creating impact.

    In short, we took the bold step to practically start developing an approach that creates more impact sustainably. So, it is not yet that we know all the answers how to create impact in aid best, but we need to test it, learn from it and adapt it.

    And we’re inviting you to join hands making impact, and go and learn together. Because as long as we keep supporting the usual suspects, we won’t see any change.

    Donate Reward
    € 20.000 Let’s talk about what we can do in return
    € 10.000 Share our proof of concept research in detail + invitation for our event where we present the results
    € 5.000 Report on our learnings + Invitation for our event where we present the results
    € 1.000 Mention on website + report on our learnings
    € 500 Mention on our socials
    € 40 Handmade Colourful bag
    € 25 Handmade clutch
    € 15 Handmade Jewelry

    See pictures below, for bags, clutches and jewelry. Send us a note, which one you want to receive.

    These beautiful hand-made bags and jewelry are crafted by women that participated in one of the projects we supported. Today they earn a stable income with their newly gained skills, that helps them and their families out of extreme poverty.


    Lives improved

    Locally-led NGOs become healthy & sustainable organisations in the 3 years that our partnership takes (or more if needed). This means, that they will be able to create impact and help many more people out of extreme poverty with successful projects beyond our support.

    Community impact

    Healthy & sustainable locally-led NGOs, contribute to a strong civil society. A strong civil society is vital to claim and protect social and economic justice in a country. It’s the best pathway to actual sustainability. Which is even more important in times of crises (climate, economic, health, migration) when the most vulnerable are hit hardest.


    The budget for the following activities is €65,638. The donation will be used for:

    • Define the details of the Proof of Concept, including exact objectives, KPIs to measure and monitoring-tools to use, as well as how we can use (several scenarios of) the outcomes.
    • Online training of partner-NGOs on 3-year planning and annual plan, through theory training, practice and peer review. Followed by training on monitoring progress and annual reporting.
    • Partner visit and baseline / endline needs assessment on 5 elements of a healthy NGO.
    • This informs our support per partnering-NGO, in terms of 1) Projects we support; 2) Organisational goals and amount we support; and 3) What training & support we provide.
    • Develop and share tools with 900+ locally-led NGOs in our database through explainers and webinars.
    • Develop a social business model to start earning an own income from our core expertise, starting in 2025.
    • Monitoring progress and measure impact on progress of NGOs and the impact we create for partner-NGOs.
    • Document the approach, learnings and impact our support has on NGOs. And collect impact stories of NGOs.
  • (see video)

    Dr. Karambu Ringera (director IPI)

    Project Details

    • Project
      Our Proof of Concept
    • Location
      Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education
    • Start date
      January 1, 2024
    • End date
      December 31, 2024

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    Het Agriculture and Climate Empowerment Centre (ACEC) stelt gemeenschappen in staat strategieën toe te passen die de weerbaarheid tegen klimaatverandering vergroten, het levensonderhoud van mensen verbeteren en zo zorgen voor duurzame ontwikkeling. ACEC maakt gebruik van een innovatieve participatieve benadering met leden van de gemeenschap die hen vanaf de projectformuleringsfase tot aan de implementatieperiode bij het project betrokken houdt.

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