Literacy School

1500 entrepreneurial girls and women and 500 men will have increased their income and improved their health conditions through basic literacy.

Final Campaign Report

Local Solution

On 15 November we have reached out to 402 Adult Leaners so far. All females at this point. We are equally strategizing to see how far we can go on reaching 2000, but it will take us some more time.

One of our volunteers, Doris from Kongo Gorug during one of our visits whispered to me: “the local school authorities have started according us so much respect because of the work we are doing with the women in the community and I am happy”.

Also on one of our rounds, a woman approaches me while we were leaving the community and says that they have a group of women in the same community and would like to benefit from the Literacy Training. Two of our volunteers Millicent and Paulina in Zupeliga one of our communities in the Nabdam District are setting up new classes for more people in the community who have expressed interest in taking part.


Alterations we had to make include:

  • Also we planned going on a field trips with the some of the participants to hospitals, Banks, etc to help learners familiarise with the system and to build their confidence. This has not happened for two reasons: 1) COVID restrictions; and 2) Learners are engaged on their farms at this time either planting or harvesting and are not available for activities that will take them out of their communities for long hours. We have alternatively started increasing the number of communities to benefit since the travel does not feasible in the near future. Also to cut cost and to achieve same results, we are considering having banking officials visit learners during their sessions to have interactions with them.
  • The initial plan was to procure study desks and set up a model learning centre in Nangodi to be used as a model for the district. However we have difficulty finding a suitable location in Nangodi to serve the purpose. Meanwhile at the same time some of our communities don’t have study desks. We therefore resolved to distribute the procured study desks among various communities instead of going by the initial plan.


Financial report

First 2 financial reports from 15 Nov 21: €6,597 (transferred in Jun & Sept 21)

The remaining budget will be used to complete the project. A final report will follow in April 2022.


Community impact 

Studies show that access to literacy education for women can improve their lives and that of their families.

From experience RSS sees that some husbands initially resisted their wife’s participation in the literacy school, and later on they start supporting by accompanying them to school or by donating equipment for the school. Increased literacy will also enable women to help their children with their schoolwork. Moreover, evidence shows that educated women raise their confidence, are more likely to gain economic independence and more often engage in local governance.


The project requires GHS55,000 (or €8,032). The donations will be used for:

  • The purchase of basic equipment for the school, such as furniture and learning materials such as desks, marker boards, reading books (including printing copies of teaching manuals) and markers.
  • Field trips for classes visiting places like hospitals, banks and post offices to make students confident about using their facilities in the future.
  • (Refresher) training of teachers, also engaging the District Assembly for future support.
  • Transport fees of teachers moving to the teaching venue daily.
  • Monthly allowances for teachers
  • Recurrent expenses such as utility bills.

Every additional donation of €4 will result in one more student to access the literacy school, also in other communities that RSS works or start working.

Project in Pictures

Project Details

  • Project:
    Literacy School
  • Campaign:
  • NGO:
    RSS Foundation
  • Location:
  • Start date:
    June 25, 2021
  • End date:
    March 31, 2022
  • Total amount raised:
    € 8032

About RSS Foundation

Restorative Seed Society (RSS) is a local organisation based in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Established in 2007, RSS is committed to helping people and groups realise their full potential through the provision of a supportive environment that ensures the achievement of personal goals and collective goals. The literacy school project is one such initiative that is helping non-literate women and girls learn to read and write for an improved life.

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