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Hairdressing to Improve Women Livelihood

Provide Skills to five financially disadvantaged women in hairdressing to enable them to set up their home and salon hairdressing business in the rural areas of Sachangwan division in Kenya.
  • Local solution

    KAF will train five women in hairdressing, and support them to install house hairdressing businesses and salons by setting up whistle-blowers who connect clients to the hairdressers, or connect hairdressers to the clients. 

    The five women we are targeting are widowed, divorced, and single mothers who have limited sources of income, and face society stigma due to their social conditions.

    During a 6-month training, the participants will know how to make a variety of hairstyles. Hairdressing needs are high in the communities, and professional hairdressers do not exist. After the training, we will develop a network of whistle-blowers who will promote the hairdressers to people who need hairdressing services at home, and distribute the hotline. The hotline will be set up so that clients can call to inquire about the hairdressing service at home to one or many of the hairdressers. In addition, a Self-Help Group set up will retain 40% of the income of each hairdresser in order to apply for bank loans to start jointly or individually hairdressing salons. 

    KAF has 5 years’ experience in implementing various community projects, its staff are also qualified to implement the project. The project officer who will be the key person in charge of implementing this project alongside the Project manager has a degree in Community development and 4 years work experience.

    Lives improved

    We are expecting at least 90% of the participants to succeed in the program. This means 4 women who are either divorced, widowed or single mothers will have financial income as 60% of their income is given to them for home consumption. 

    With an average of 3 children per woman, there are at least 12 direct family members who will benefit from the income the hairdressing activities will generate.

    Community impact

    Stigmatising divorced, widowed, and single mothers will decrease. Other women in the same conditions will see them as role models and stop engaging in paid sexual and illegal activities. This offers an opportunity for young girls to learn from their experiences. 


    The budget for the following activities is 760,140 Kenya Shillings, equivalent to4,865. The donation will be used to:

    • Purchase tools and equipment
    • Pay a consultant trainer
    • Pay the training room cost
    • Support administration, staff, monitoring and evaluation

    Own contributions

    KAF will provide €531 Which will cover the registration of the self-help group at the bank. Part of this amount will be used to pay a trainer who will train the participants on customer care and entrepreneurship. 

  • ‘’ l am a member of a community tree nursery that was supported by KAF with various varieties of seeds, plastic tubes, and jerricans to start a tree nursery. So far we have sold thousands of seedlings and have been able to expand our tree nursery thanks to KAF’’

    Paul Mwaura

    Project Details

    • Project
      Hairdressing to Improve Women Livelihood
    • NGO
    • Location
      Sachangwan division, Kenya
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • No Poverty, Quality Education
    • Start date
      August 1, 2024
    • End date
      January 31, 2025

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    Kalyet Afya Foundation (KAF) is a women-led Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Kenya with the NGO board in 2017 to operate in 5 counties; Nakuru, Baringo, Bomet, Kericho, and Narok. KAF is located at Sachangwan Location along Nakuru- Eldoret Highway in Molo Sub-County. KAF started its operation in 2019 to empower marginalized rural communities, particularly women and girls, to realize their SRHR, and access family planning and other health services. Additionally, KAF runs an environmental conservation program to improve community nutrition, provide fuel (tree pruning), increase income by selling fruits, and ultimately conserve the environment. We focus on 3 thematic areas: Health, Environment and Economic Empowerment.

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