Fashion Business Academy

A unique training and mentoring programme for ten young fisher women to start an enterprise in tailoring and fashion. Wa-Wa’s approach ensures sustainability and has already supported 365 young women in successful soap-making, furniture making and fish-farming businesses.

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Local Solution

A unique training and mentoring programme for 10 young fisher women to start an enterprise in tailoring and fashion. The training in soft and technical skills takes three months. After the successful completion, Wa-Wa Kenya sets up businesses together with the trainees, who will receive a start-up capital and intensive mentoring, after which they will be able to stand on their own feet.

This way Wa-Wa Kenya ensures sustainability and has supported 365 young women in successful soap-making, furniture making and fish-farming businesses. Girls and women can choose a subject that they like, the training areas are collectively identified by the groups depending on the needs and interests, and they are involved in the evaluation of the project.

It is a solution much needed, that is helping women and teen girls living below the poverty line towards opportunities to make a living in a healthy and dignified way. In the fisher folks’ communities living around Lake Victoria Poverty there are limited job opportunities. Poverty forces many women to engage in transactional sex for fish, to secure a share of the daily catch. The region has a HIV prevalence in the area is 26% (around 5 times higher than the national prevalence). This has resulted too many deaths form AIDs-related diseases, orphaned children and child headed families.


Lives improved

After the training of 3 months, 10 women will start their own business. After another 5 months of mentoring, they will be able to make a sustainable living without putting themselves at risk. The ten women are all young mothers who dropped out from school due to stigma and have the responsibility of taking care of their child or children with no income.

In addition 50 family members of the 10 participants have more income, and thus there will be budget for things like healthy food, health care and school fees.

Moreover, 350 members of the women saving groups that all participants join, benefit from the 2% interest the new entrepreneurs return from their start-up loan. The interest serves as a source for new loans to the entire group.

Community impact 

Longer-term, we see from experience that around 20 women from the saving groups will get employment through through the new entrepreneurs or start their own business.

Ultimately, having less poverty and more jobs contribute to end transactional sex and thus to reduce HIV incidences.

Altogether, Wa-Wa expects to indirectly benefit 225 children, relatives and employees through the five trainees.


The project costs Ksh 600,000 (or €4,889) or training 10 young women to start their own business. The donations will be used for:

  • A 3-months training on fashion and design.
  • Start-up capital to establish their own tailoring business.
  • Intensive mentoring for 5 months and follow-up mentoring until a trainee can stand on their own.
  • For project sustainability strategy, trainees will be encouraged to join a table banking scheme. Table banking is a platform where women can access loans in the form of a start-up kit with materials, or a small loan in money for their businesses. The interest accrued will be used for the expansion and growth of their group and businesses.

Every additional €465 will allow Wa-Wa Kenya to train another young woman. They can train up to 10 women a month (120 per year) in fashion business.

Project in Pictures

Project Details

  • Project:
    Fashion Business Academy
  • Campaign:
  • NGO:
    Wa-Wa Kenya
  • Location:
  • Start date:
    January 1, 2022
  • End date:
    December 31, 2022
  • Total amount raised:
    € 4889

About Wa-Wa Kenya

Wa-Wa is a fisher women academy with an aim of bringing equality in the society through economic empowerment of women and girls. Training vulnerable young women in entrepreneurship, so that they can determine the course of their lives and achieve their potential, is the core business of Wa-Wa Kenya.

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