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Vision of the Blind

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

40 people with a disability will run small businesses, that enables them to earn an income for themselves and their families. They will gain hope, self-esteem, and self-reliance, as well as it will promote the integration of persons with disabilities in society.
  • Local solution

    After the training period on business management skills, recipients get a business stock and a business point or stall and will then be able to start their own business.

    The project goal is not only to transform the attitude of the recipients, but also that of the society at large. Due to a lack of knowledge on disabilities, persons with disabilities are viewed as unproductive and incapable by society. Oftentimes they depend fully on their families, who carry the financial burden. Some persons with disabilities are left indoors idling. As a result, many people with a physical impairment have lost hope in life.

    Because the project’s recipients have undergone basic education, they will be able to start a simple business, like water vending, shoe repairs, or a food, fruit or goods stall, after a training period of one month only. In addition, some participants may have a small business already, but it is ailing or collapsed  – during the period of COVID-regulations – or in a start-up phase. All recipients will be equipped with tools that enables them to move freely, for instance visually impaired use braille-writing and reading gadgets. Where relevant, they will receive ongoing mentoring. It is also foreseen that family members will help the businesses sustain, as it relieves their financial situation.

    Lives improved

    40 people with a disability will run a small business, that enables them to earn an income for their families. What’s more they gained hope, self-esteem, and self-reliance.

    Community impact

    Longer term, we expect the recipients to be able to lead independent lives; and society to change its view, and ultimately create an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities, which makes it easier for them to complete education and get a job or start a business.


    With the donations of KSH 389,520 (or €2,997), Vision of the Blind can carry out the following activities:

    • Identification of potential project trainees and a training needs assessment.
    • Equipment to be able to include all participants in the project, depending on their needs this could be: Kenya Sign Language Interpretation, physical aid and sighted guide services, braille papers, and other braille writing gadgets.
    • 1 project planning meeting with stakeholders (including representatives of organizations of Persons With Disabilities, local leaders, government representatives, pro-Disability organizations.
    • Counseling, training and mentoring of recipients in business management skills.
    • Providing business stock for about 40 businesses of Persons with Disabilities.
    • Project administration (around 17% of the total budget).

    Vision of the Blind will use every extra donated €75 to support more persons with disabilities to realise a small business (up to a maximum of 50 recipients).

    These activities are part of a bigger project, that also involves lobby activities for the public and private sector to act inclusively towards persons with disabilities and/or support their businesses. In addition, 2,000 community members will be reached through public awareness creation and social media campaigns, for instance to stimulate them to buy at the shops of persons with disabilities.

  • Local solution realised

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    Lives improved

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    Community impact realised

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  • Mr Ngui Kilibai is a visually impaired person. He finished his secondary education and had lost hope in life thus decided to be a street beggar until when one of our field officers heard about his story and came to his rescue by training him in basic business management skills. Our organisation fundraised little resources to enable him to start a water vending project which has made him self-reliant, has been able to provide for his extended family and has also promoted access to clean piped water within his area of residence.

    Project Details

    • Project
      Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
    • Campaign
    • NGO
      Vision of the Blind
    • Location
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • No Poverty
    • Start date
      January 1, 2022
    • End date
      June 30, 2022
    • Total amount raised
      € 2997
    • Lives improved
      41 persons
    • Community iMPACT
      250 people reached

    Vision of the Blind

    Vision of the Blind is one of a kind in the coastal region, as there is no other rehabilitation centre or programme targeting Visually Impaired Persons. We advocate for relevant responsive programmes to promote the socioeconomic independence of Persons with Disabilities, nurturing their potentials and strive to counter barriers that inhibit their real, gainful, and meaningful inclusion. Vision of the Blind collaborates with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) which is a semi-autonomous government agency.

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