School fees

Affecto has used the funds to pay school fees for 1 term for 2 Affecto students in secondary schools.

Final Campaign Report

Ksh40909 (or €327) was used for the school fees of 2 form-4 students for one term. As it was not all sufficient, Affecto added up the amount from their own resources.


Community impact 

The government of Kenya is committed to a 100% transition of primary school students to high schools. However, it still remains a distant achievement with the challenges being both at National and County levels due to poverty levels, marginalisation of some communities or irregularities in education agencies. We, the Affecto foundation, in this respect, while recognising the efforts of the government, seek to supplement and complement these efforts all aimed at affording as many students as possible a chance at education.


Affecto will use funds to pay school fees for 1 term for Affecto stars in secondary schools. Affecto family is made up of fully sponsored students in various secondary schools in the country.

Project in Pictures

Project Details

  • Project:
    School fees
  • Campaign:
  • NGO:
  • Location:
  • Start date:
    August 1, 2020
  • End date:
    October 31, 2020
  • Total amount raised:
    € 327

About Affecto

Affecto Foundation is fighting poverty through education. It offers an opportunity to students from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, who perform well in their primary school-leaving examinations, to nurture and live their dreams. We believe to change their narrative and influence an improvement in their own and their family’s future.

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