Boys’ Dorm

Once completed, the dormitory will provide shelter for 40 boys aged 5 to 18. Here, the boys can enjoy their living space, sleep safely, have a better study environment and a place to call home.

Final Campaign Report

With the donations through iMPACT direct IPI was able to buy cement and sand for the walls and an extra room.
Now they’re fundraising for the roof and toilets; and hopefully later also for the kitchen and dining.
It’s a project they aimed for a long time, and they make it a reality step by step.
Especially important now that students are again at home, because of school closure because of COVID…

Community impact 

When we bring in workers, builders and their families, as well as – in the long run – the boys’ families the project will impact an estimated 30,000 lives:

  • The community has already benefited from a piped water project we have shared with them as it wove its way to our site.
  • The women’s group members who have benefited from our water-filtering systems that we shared with them.
  • The community with which we share care for our environment – we planted 1,000 trees around the place where the boy’s dormitory is built in April, 2021.
  • Several schools that are around where the boy’s dormitory is will interact with our children in school and attend holiday programs that we set up with the KACH kids for the community kids; the shared playgrounds we share with the community children and youth during the holidays to compete in various games (soccer, netball, etc).
  • and the annual community exhibitions we intend to organise (they bring around 2,000 people together) to show case items our children make (soap, jewelry, weaving, wood work, construction using recycled items like plastic bottles and stabilized soil blocks).
  • The international guests (students, interns and volunteers) who visit us annually totaling 1,000 annually – we hope the numbers will increase after COVID-19 is over).
  • The community members who will learn permaculture and integrated land use design from our farm.
  • The radio programs we hope to create as well as social media platforms to share our approach to regeneration and creating resilience in our communities; and so on – these people numbers add up and we actually impact many more through our radio and television presentations – (as we have done at the current KACH site).


Donations totaling Ksh 779624 (or €6,000) will be used for the roof, doors, windows, toilets, plastering, paint and the floor.

Extra donations will be used for a kitchen and dining.

The total budget for the entire boys’ dormitory to accommodate 40 boys was Ksh2,500,000 (or €19,531). With the donations through iMACT direct, IPI could buy bags of cement and sand to finish the walls.

Project in Pictures

Project Details

  • Project:
    Boys’ Dorm
  • Campaign:
  • NGO:
  • Location:
  • Start date:
    October 21, 2020
  • End date:
    June 30, 2021
  • Total amount raised:
    € 321.78

About IPI

International Peace Initiatives (IPI) creates spaces where orphans can find who they are and thrive. Our homes provide a place where vulnerable children find love, care, shelter, food, education and a roof over their heads so that they can break the cycle of poverty in their lives and that of their families. Besides, IPI works with women living with HIV/AIDS, survivors of violence and communities with the tools and resources to move to stability and self-reliance.

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