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Wa-Wa Kenya

Boats for Fisher Women

10 fisher-women will lifts themselves and their families out of extreme poverty with the newly gained income from fishing, and from selling or hiring boats, on Rusinga Island.
  • Local solution

    WA-WA is an expert in training women in vocational professions and support them towards a sustainable income. In this project they train 10 women in boat making and fishing techniques for income generation. These are women fishmongers, poor bread winners in their households, mothers who did not get an opportunity to go to school, and who depend buying and selling fish. And now, the project participants have the courage to turn tables.

    The women requested Wa-Wa to help them to own their own boats and to catch their own fish and so to avoid the risk of becoming victims of sex for fish practices. Rusinga Island in Homabay County is largely affected by HIV/AIDS due to the practice of sex for fish combined with extreme poverty.

    That is why WA-WA, together with a renowned boat builder and an experienced fisherman, work with the 10 project participants. In a 3 to 4 months training, the women learn to build boats. By the time training ends and mentorship begins, one boat should be ready, with a nice painting, an engine installed, a fishing license and all further necessities (see budget). They will start fishing and learn during the process about fishing techniques and sales. And finally, they will also become part of a table-banking group, to provide them with soft loans to establish and grow their business.

    The project may seem revolutionary, in a community where there are only fisher-men. However, these women are supported by men from the community and the administration leadership. It is a perfect fit to WA-WA’s mission of having women empowerment as an integral aspect in addressing the effects of poverty.

    Lives improved

    10 fisher-women will lifts themselves and their families out of extreme poverty with the newly gained income from fishing, and from selling or hiring (at least 3 new) boats to other fishermen and women.

    It is expected that at least 6 households of on average 30 people have improved on their living standards significantly with the increased income. And that at least 7 women register a health cover.

    Community impact

    The women group will remain aligned to WA-WA after the project, and will be trained in group formation and dynamics and will form and register their group. As a group the women will be able to develop more basic facilities for the community, like: At least 6 toilets constructed in 2 years.

    What’s more, WA-WA, together with the women and the established project committee, will set up a viable training hub on a small piece of land donated by the women. Training will be on boat making, fishing techniques, carpentry, financial literacy and marketing, And will also serve as a provision of equipment for boat making. It will  provide a successful example to women fisher folks and the community of an enterprise and collective action that improves the deteriorating living conditions of women.


    The budget for the following activities is Ksh 1,046,158 (or € 7,009). The donation will be used to:

    • Train the women in both boat building and fishing techniques. And guide them when they start fishing and sales.
    • Purchase boat building materials including (boat engine, fishing net, timber, jackets, lights etc).
    • A portion of the donation will help them kickstart table banking for sustainability of the project. Table banking is a platform where women can access loans in the form of a start-up kit with materials, or a small loan in money for their businesses. The interest accrued will be used for the expansion and growth of their group and businesses.
    • 5% to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (covering our costs for the website, financial costs of direct donations, and basic costs to support NGOs in promotion and fundraising.

    Own contribution:

    • The women are willing to donate a small piece of land where the training will be conducted.
    • WA-WA will provide human resources and its expertise.


Project Details

  • Project
    Boats for Fisher Women
  • Location
    Rusinga Island
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • No Poverty
  • Start date
    August 1, 2023
  • End date
    November 26, 2023

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Wa-Wa Kenya

Wa-Wa is a fisher women academy with an aim of bringing equality in the society through economic empowerment of women and girls. Training vulnerable young women in entrepreneurship, so that they can determine the course of their lives and achieve their potential, is the core business of Wa-Wa Kenya.

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