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iMPACT direct

Becoming Strong Organisations

12 partner-NGOs becoming the best impact-makers in their community or region, building healthy and sustainable organisations.
  • Local solution

    Our core mission is to support locally-led NGOs to develop themselves to become the best impact makers in their communities. So, they can improve more lives of people living in extreme poverty and the communities sustainably with solutions on No Poverty (SDG1), Zero Hunger (SDG2) and Quality (TVET) Education (SDG4) during and after the 3-year partnership with iMPACT direct.

    Why is this needed? Locally-led organisations have little space to build healthy and sustainable independent organisation. Firstly, the project funding they receive through northern NGOs often doesn’t allow for organisational building costs.  Secondly, with the northern NGOs leading the agenda on how socio-economic change should look like, capacity strengthening of their partner organisations in the global south is mainly focused on meeting the ‘donors’ planning and reporting requirements’ and not on actual organisation strengthening. Together it impedes a strong local civil society.

    Lives improved

    Partnering NGOs have healthy and sustainable organisations, including:

    • Locally-led NGOs we support have gradually developed themselves towards the best impact makers in their communities, by scoring fives and sixes (out of 6) on all five elements of a healthy and sustainable nonprofit.
    • Cost-efficient NGOs

    And the network of NGOs we work or worked with:

    • Is growing and the NGO-members can support one another.
    • Have an increased network of partners and supporters.
    Community impact

    Healthy and sustainable nonprofits can improve more lives of people living in extreme poverty and the communities sustainably with solutions on No Poverty (SDG1), Zero Hunger (SDG2) and Quality (TVET) Education (SDG4) during and after the partnership with iMPACT direct.

    And on the longer-term, healthy & sustainable NGOs become a vital actor in protecting social justice. As a strong civil society is vital to claim and protect social and economic justice. It’s the best pathway to actual sustainability. Which is even more important in times of crises (climate, economic, health, migration) when the most vulnerable are hit hardest.

    Moreover, successful NGO-approaches are scaled to more CBOs and NGOs to more African countries in the region the NGO is based.


    In total the unconditional grants budget is €25,000. The amount per NGO is maximum 10% of the annual income of the NGO, with a minimum of €1,000 and a maximum of €5,000 per NGO. The unconditional grant is an extra asset for the NGOs, but the main organisational costs are carried by the NGOs itself.

    Each NGO has selected organisational strengthening goals on how to spend the organisational grants, and described milestones on what will be achieved when (between June and December 2023). Find per NGO these milestones and output reports under ‘report’.

    In the attached pdf you can find the goals and milestones per NGO.

  • Local solution realised
    Lives improved

    See output report in right column.

    Impact report is expected in March 2024 (in our annual report 2023).

    Community impact realised


Project Details

  • Project
    Becoming Strong Organisations
  • Campaign
  • NGO
  • NGO
  • NGO
  • Location
  • Start date
    June 1, 2023
  • End date
    December 31, 2023
  • Total amount raised
  • Lives improved
  • Community iMPACT


Final Report

Project Proposal


Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme (COSDEP) is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on ensuring continued learning and practice of agro ecological Agriculture in rural communities for improved food and dietary conditions. Community development programmes in other fields have also been keen in our transformation mission of the livelihoods of the vulnerable communities which has contributed to our engagement in varied cross cutting issues within our programmes. The organization’s office is situated in Gachie shopping center, Kiambu County, a few kilometers from the city of Nairobi. The organization was founded in 2001 as a community-based organization in Kiambu and Murang’a and became an NGO in 2004. Ever since COSDEP has reached out and previously worked with farmers in other Counties of Kajiado, Nyahururu, Narok and Busia and aims to cover the entire Country.

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Project location Becoming Strong Organisations

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