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Becoming Businesswomen in Soap

20 women improve their income with 70%, starting a business in soap and pomade making in northern Ghana.
  • Local solution

    20 women will be trained and supported by RSS Foundation in starting a soap-making business. The women come from two communities in Kassena Nankana district, in areas where there is a lack of economic opportunities. What’s more these women often face significant barriers to accessing training, education, and financial resources, which limit their ability to generate income and support their families. And without adequate income, women have no voice at home and are susceptible to domestic violence.

    This project addresses this problem. 20 women from the Biu and Kologo areas will receive a training and mentoring that enables them to start a soap and pomade production business. The practical training will be carried out over a month through hands-on sessions by experts in the field of soap making and pomade production. Then the project team works with the participants to develop business plans for their soap and pomade production business based on their ideas and perspectives.

    In addition, project will also provide the participants with the necessary production materials, including raw materials, equipment, and packaging materials, to start their own businesses. And finally, the women receive 5-month mentoring while starting a business. This support is tailored to the individual needs of each participant and may include additional training, mentoring, market linkage or other forms of support.

    RSS foresees a successful project, because there is demand for soap and pomade in the area. And they have the expertise needed for the project, developing a similar training with the National Youth Authority. Moreover, they have successfully trained women in an earlier project in the district, which lead the women requesting RSS to support them again.

    Lives improved

    20 women improve their income with an average income with 70% or up to GHS240 (or €19) weekly. That means they will be able to support their families, supporting on average 100 indirect beneficiaries. This income can be used to meet their immediate needs, such as paying for food, clothing, and other household expenses. What’s more, financial independence, will improve the women’s self-esteem and social status.

    We will measure the results by:

    • Baseline and endline on income level per participant
    • Existing business after the project ends (Jan’24), and in the following annual report (March’25)
    Community impact

    When 20 households have a sufficient income, it means economic development of the entire community.

    Moreover, RSS is an advocate for women’s rights and equal opportunities in area where there is still a world to win. Trainees that have grown to successful businesswomen, will be an example for other young women to take up the trade instead to become financial independence.


    The budget for the following activities is GHS 64,947 (or €5,261). The donation will be used to:

    • Needs assessment, developing training and training materials.
    • Training and mentoring
    • Provision of equipment to trainees
    • Measuring impact
    • 5% to iMPACT direct for facilitating direct donations to local solutions (covering our costs for the website, financial costs of direct donations, and basic costs to support NGOs in promotion and fundraising.)

    Own contributions:

    • It is expected that Biu community provides encouragement, advice, and support as the participants navigate the challenges of starting their own businesses. RSS has a strong connection the community.


Project Details

  • Project
    Becoming Businesswomen in Soap
  • Location
    Biu and Kologo, Kassena Nankana district
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • No Poverty
  • Start date
    July 1, 2023
  • End date
    January 31, 2024

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Restorative Seed Society (RSS) is a local organisation based in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Established in 2007, RSS is committed to helping people and groups realise their full potential through the provision of a supportive environment that ensures the achievement of personal goals and collective goals. The literacy school project is one such initiative that is helping non-literate women and girls learn to read and write for an improved life.

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