Space for Stars

Space for Stars will eventually support 400 secondary school students per year, when the land is secured and the school is built. It will double Affecto’s impact, because it cut the costs of quality education by half.

Final Campaign Report


Affecto had to change plans, because the target amount to secure land to build their own school wasn’t achieved by far. The amount goal was too optimistic for iMPACT direct’s starting status. So they will raise funds locally for the land and building – something they are really good at – and use these donations for the student’s school fees.



Affecto decided to use the €297 of donations through iMPACT direct to top up the school fees fund for our 86 students whom we fully sponsor their education in the various schools across the country.

The long term impact of educating this group of young, intelligent, talented and ambitious students will empower them to break out of their poverty stricken backgrounds. Affecto will also have created a generation of selfless society who will see the benefits of pulling their resources together to help the less fortunate in their societies.



Community impact 

Global research shows that with every extra year in school, someone’s income and health increases. The Space for Stars is about establishing the Affecto Leadership and Innovation Centre. The first step for space for stars is securing land to be able to build the centre. All donations made will go towards obtaining land for the project. The ripple effect of educating and empowering students every year cannot be underestimated. Students will make a change for their families and communities once they graduated.


The Space for Stars is about establishing the Affecto Leadership and Innovation Centre. In comparison, current costs are 165,000 Ksh (or €1,269) per student per year.

The first step for space for stars is securing land to be able to build the centre. All donations made will go towards securing land for the project. Soon after we shall have fencing done all around. Then the project begins.

To be able to buy the land we’ll need a total of Ksh7,000,000 (or €53,833).

Project in Pictures

Project Details

  • Project:
    Space for Stars
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  • Location:
  • Start date:
    January 1, 2021
  • End date:
    March 31, 2021
  • Total amount raised:
    € 296.78

About Affecto

Affecto Foundation is fighting poverty through education. It offers an opportunity to students from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, who perform well in their primary school-leaving examinations, to nurture and live their dreams. We believe to change their narrative and influence an improvement in their own and their family’s future.

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