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Literacy School

750 entrepreneurial girls and women and 250 men will have increased their income and improved their health conditions through basic literacy.

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Climate-smart Agriculture

One hundred farmer families and women groups will increase the production of their staple crop in a climate-friendly way, have access to markets with 20,000 consumers, and contribute to free school meal programmes.

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COVID Relief

COVID relief programme safeguards 500 women, men and children from poor households through better information sharing, access to increased hygiene and nutrition.

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Health Insurance

Cerath registered 30 women fish processors in 3 coastal communities onto the National Health Insurance Scheme. The 30 women together with their families can now access basic and affordable healthcare within their communities.

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Kitchen Gardening

75 small-scale tea farmers and their families enjoy sufficient and nutritious food through increased income from kitchen gardening. COSDEP trains and equips these farmers with skills and knowledge on cultivating kitchen gardens – a practice proven to contribute to food security and a healthy environment.

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Boys’ Dorm

Once completed, the dormitory will provide shelter for 40 boys aged 5 to 18. Here, the boys can enjoy their living space, sleep safely, have a better study environment and a place to call home.

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Space for Stars

Space for Stars will eventually support 400 secondary school students per year, when the land is secured and the school is built. It will double Affecto’s impact, because it cut the costs of quality education by half.

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Green entrepreneurs

Train and support 500 youths, women and returnee migrants on green entrepreneurship and employability. Within 6 months post-training, they will have sustainable jobs or create self-employment. 

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Clean Stoves

ACEC purchased 38 energy-efficient stoves and distributed to 38 women and their households. These women will now be able to cook efficiently both in domestic and commercial settings and simultaneously reduce health risks through exposure to smoke while they limit spending on charcoal leading to more savings!

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