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Presenting more iMPACT

Tuesday 19 September we held a small event for our major donors and supporters in the nice environment of Bijlmer Museum in Amsterdam. Enjoying meeting each other in person (finally!), sharing with one another, and sharing more during the Ghanaian dishes.

Presenting more iMPACT

Inemarie Dekker and Martha Mwangi from iMPACT direct take you on a journey on past results and learnings and the road ahead. What strategies of iMPACT direct are already working, and which ones need still proof. All with one goal: how to support locally-led NGOs to become the best impact-makers in their communities or region.

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Some highlights from the discussions after the presentation

Gaining funding for the 2024 Proof of Concept year, we are looking for €65,000. 

  • Finding financial supporters that share our mission. Since many work by invitation, we can ask our network to introduce us. 

Some names and connections have been mentioned already!

But if you can help us too, please let us know!

For gaining own income after 2024:

  • Become this middleman, that we think we can be from the start, selecting, supporting and training locally-led NGOs on request of bigger organisations who want to support locally-led NGOs, but do not have the hands for it.

For gaining visibility and team-up with like-minded organisations:

  • Become a thought-leader on changing the narrative, putting locally-led NGOs central for effective aid.
  • Tell the story in such a way that people easily understand what we do.
  • Get noticed more through opinion letters in newspapers and presentations.

Thank you so much for being there with us yesterday! And for those supporting remotely.

Presenting more iMPACT

iMPACT direct

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