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Potential of clean stoves

It is estimated that each household uses 750 kilos of charcoal per annum. The use of cook stove reduces this by 40-50%.

Prior to the intervention, an average household (size of 4) within the target areas spent 2 cedis a day on charcoal. Now, households save as much $78 per annum (365 cedis).

Additionally, the usage of cook stoves has significantly reduced the exposure to smoke particularly among children and women. This has minimized their chances of contracting diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema, cataracts, lung cancer, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, and low birth weight.

At the climate resilience level, the use of the stoves has reduced the demand and need for charcoal, and rather enhances efficiency in use. Carbon emissions have also been reduced as large burning of charcoal and fuel wood contributes to its rise. Each unit of the stove reduces 3.6 tons of carbon emission per annum.

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