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Pig Rearing Pays Medical Bills

OLCAP’s primary goal is to reduce the burden of poverty for people living in rural Kenya. In the eleven years that OLCAP has been operating, we have learned that we can financially empower one person at a time and help them earn income to escape the extremities of poverty.

We interact with women every day who work hard but still struggle to feed themselves and their families, afford medical care, take children to school, and build decent houses with the little resources they have. What these women need to positively change their lives is support to start sustainable income-generating activities that can reduce the burden of poverty. This is why OLCAP is fundraising to support women in Isulu, Kakamega County, in pig-rearing by offering capital to purchase piglets and supplemental feeds, and funds to enable them receive training on pig-rearing and agricultural extension services.

A pilot pig rearing program for Angela has shown that it is a venture that can give quick returns in a short time without too much hustle. This is because pigs are easy to rear compared to other livestock. Farmers require less capital and land to start, and can feed pigs almost everything, including grasses, kitchen garbage and agricultural waste, reducing feeding costs. 

Pig farming has enabled Angela afford to provide nutritious food and medical treatment/care for herself and her family. Recently, Angela fell ill with bad malaria and sold one of her pigs to buy drugs. She is well, thanks to the support she received to start pig farming. Not everyone is as lucky as Angela as there are around 10,700 deaths each year from malaria in Kenya.

Pig-rearing can help marginalized women start the journey to financial stability so they can afford basic needs like medical treatment. This is why we are fundraising to help 20 more marginalized women start pig-rearing. 

Support a marginalized woman to start an income-generating activity by donating to the pig rearing project. You can also share details about the project with others by sending them the following link:

iMPACT direct

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