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Output report Climate-Smart Agriculture

The project is still running. Results so far are:

21 small-scale farmers are trained to grow staple crops in a climate friendly way and increase their market.

Observed changes

  1. The project outcome will be achieved. Last Monday, I had discussion with the chiefs of Bouya and Ntmkumso to negotiate for land for the farmers to use for the scaling up as we nurse more seedlings of the chili pepper this month. It forms part of the reason for requesting for grants to acquire water pumping machines as the dry season is about to set in. we hope that more than 100 small scale farmers will get improved seedlings through the project
  2. The vegetable and cash crops production in a cluster of land will help more of the farmers to get access to water for their farms which will result in increase of their produce and in turn increase their incomes. During the dry seasons, vegetables are expensive and this is the best opportunity to grow more vegetables for better prices.
  3. We have contacted the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture (KITA) and the ministry of food and agriculture (MOFA). They are yet to pay a working visit to the project and Pinasol is leveraging on their experience in the farm as at now. More updates will be given on the partnership in our next reporting period. There is going to be another meeting on Friday  12th November with MOFA on the partnership and supervision of the farms   as we scale up in the communities with the small farmer  groups
  4. Kita is Agriculture College that will support the project implementation and KNUST will be the beneficiary of the produce. The school feeding caterers are also ready to buy from the project when ready.

Video report

Adaptions made

The project was intended to commenced with the village savings and loans association groups at Obaapaninkrom community but due to delay in the release of the land, it was piloted at Effiduase community to later scale up in the VSLA communities including Obaapanin Krom.

In addition, we had to fence the land. Due to a cattle and Strayed animals close to the farm, it has become necessary to fence the farm to avoid the destruction of the farm by animals. It is estimated to cost about €800 euros.

Financial report

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