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Our Theory of Change

In this Theory of Change we explain how we tackle current challenges to reach below desired impact:

Increased number of lives improved

Underfunded locally-led African NGOs can improve more lives of people living below the poverty level, with sustainable solutions on No Poverty (or income) (SDG1), Zero Hunger (or food & climate) (SDG2) and Quality Education (SDG4), when having more budget.

Inspire others to Shift the Power

Concurrently, we hope to inspire others in the aid sector to either follow our example to directly support locally-led NGOs or use our infrastructure to do so. In this way we contribute to a Shift of Power that is a prerequisite for equal partnerships between Northern and Southern NGOs, and thus for improving the impact of development cooperation.

Strengthened Civil Society Organisations

Ultimately, we support locally-led NGOs to become stronger organisations with increased decision-making power, capacities and resources to create positive lasting change in the communities they work. Which is vital for sustainable solutions and for long-term social justice.

Our Theory of Change from problem analysis to desired impact looks as follows:

Below we explain each pathway of change per outcome:

Theory of Change (narrative)

iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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